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Sensitive skin calls for extra attention where any cosmetic product or procedure is concerned. Many manufacturers have created products that specifically suit people with sensitive skin. This is because common cosmetics contain several ingredients that can upset the delicate balance of sensitive skin.This can cause it to be irritated and result in breakouts. Similarly, sensitive skin takes a beating from most hair removal techniques as it is rough on the skin.   Shaving can irritate sensi
  Modern anti-aging treatments may have pushed the age-old practice of chemical peels into the background. However, there is no denying that chemical peels provide incredible results and are not as expensive as the more recent skin care treatments.   Chemical peels offer substantial improvement to the skin from sun damage, age spots, pigmentation problems, acne sca
  Pictures of the singing star Demi Lovato have been floating around the web lately. This American singer looks amazing, with and without makeup. As preparation for her Neon Lights Tour this month, Demi has specially treated her skin to some extra care. Her facialist Renee Rouleau has provided her a special facial which has undoubtedly yielded it's
  While going about their hectic schedules, the one thing most women choose to cut back on is sleep. They may not feel skimping on sleep is significant, as it offers them a few extra hours to meet the demands of the day.   While you may consider cutting back on sleep a minor discomfort, there is more to it than just that. The truth is that losing sleep
  The Derma Roller is a device that works on the principle of microneedling. It has profound effects in anti-aging and scar removal treatments. The dermaroller has been widely used to correct skin imperfections, by improving the regenerative capacity of the skin by causing controlled damage to the surface of the skin. This device not only repairs skin, it's
Scottish TV presenter Andrea McLean is one of the most attractive faces on daytime television. Looking fabulous everyday isn't an easy feat, especially considering the glaring lights that she works under, which can highlight flaws.   Andrea has been a regular on television screens since 1997. First appearing as the weather girl on GMTV, she later moved on to the ITV breakfast show where she stayed till she was invited to host Loose Women. She now anchors this show with Kaye Adams, Ruth La
Twenty years since seducing Hollywood with her blockbuster movie Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone still is sensuous and amazing. She is a perfect example of Beauty with Brains and has taken it upon herself to break barriers and step into paths less traversed to help people who are suffering. This award winning actress is very active in her global efforts to help AIDS sufferers and spends time and effort to make their lives meaningful. In her interview with the New You magazine, she discusses her phi
  Aloe Vera has been used in beauty treatments since centuries. This incredible plant has profound benefits in skin care and contributes to the general well-being of the body. Aloe Vera belongs to the lily family. It is succulent in nature and the identifying feature of this plant are its juicy leaves.   This magical ingredient has gained popularity as a powerful anti-a

  Laser hair removal is one of the most popular skin treatments that women opt for today. Convenience is the prime factor that drives this trend. A few sessions at a good skin care clinic enable you to enjoy permanent reduction in body hair. Once the sessions are complete, you do not have to bother with waxing, shaving or depilating
  Her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton, has been a favourite with the masses, ever since her engagement to Prince William in 2009. She has since then, been the epitome of royalty and grace, mesmerizing people with her simple yet elegant charm. Fascination with the Duchess of Cambridge  has continued through the years and she continues to be a

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