Cosmelan Professional Treatment


Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation peel system. It is a two-phase process with the first step performed in the clinic. The Cosmelan 1 peel is applied to the face and left on for 8-12 hours. On the third day the skin will have some extreme peeling. After 7 days the second step is to start using the included Cosmelan 2 is applied to prevent reoccurrence and is required for 6 months. This is a tyrosinase inhibitor, which works by sedating the production of excess melanin. The treatment also includes a 12 week home care program of cleanser, moisturisers and sunscreen.

When it comes to melasma regular maintenance program is essential to reduce the chances of reoccurrence. Cosmelan Professional Treatment may be required every 12 months in severe cases. However, Cosmelan 2 cream, a tyrosinase inhibitor is required for as long as the person wishes to prevent the formation of new pigmentation. This means if you would like to control melasma you will be required to continue to use this.

Cosmelan Treatment Case Study

* Actual client; all images are unfiltered

Before Cosmelan Treatment

Cosmelan treatment day before

This client had mild melasma due to skin exposure. Like many people living in Australia the melasma occurred while under the Australia harsh sun. This client didn’t experience melasma while living oversea when she was young. The Australian sun has more damaging UV radiation due to the reduced ozone layer.

Application of Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment application

The Cosmelan Professional Treatment is applied to the whole face in a thick layer, ensuring complete coverage. The skin is first cleansed and excess oil is removed. This in-clinic process takes about 10-15 mins. The treatment is left on the skin for 6-10 hours depending on the skin type. There is no discomfort but it is advised to make sure you do not have any social plans during this period.

Removal of Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment removal

After the 6-10 hour period the treatment is removed with water. The skin will be a little red once the treatment is removed. Due to the long period of time the treatment has to work the active ingredients are able to gentle absorb deep into the skin. This is compared to aggressive chemical peels that dissolve the epidermis in minutes thereby creating wound trauma. Cosmelan Professional Treatment creates less trauma while being able to intensively treat the deeper layers of the skin where the pigmented lesions lie.

1 day after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 1 day after

The skin is starting to become red and plump due to the blood flushing the area the treatment was applied. The process of skin shedding and wound healing has been stimulated. The body sends blood to the effect areas flooding the skin with collagen, red  and white blood cells.

2 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 2 days after
Skin may become more red and plump. The body’s wound healing process is working under the skin.

3 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 3 days after
Normally this is when intense skin shedding occurs. The pigmented lesion is ejected from the skin through the shedding of the skin. Skin is still red but the swelling starts subsiding.

4 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 4 days after
The shedding of the skin slows down and the skin starts calming down. The take home skin care pack is now used to gently cleanse and moisturise the skin.

5 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 5 days after
Skin is starting to return to normal with very little shedding still occurring.

6 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 6 days after

A large amount of the pigmented lesions has been ejected from the skin. Fine lines and texture of the skin is also improved. You can see that the skin appearance is smoother.

7 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 7 days after

Skin is completely recovered and showing further improvement. Cosmelan 2 serum is now used to prevent the formation of new melasma.

8 days after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 8 days after

This the sort of result that Cosmelan Professional Treatment delivers 1 week after the process.

2 months after Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan treatment 2 months after

The skin appearance further improves, as long as a prescribed active skin care routine is maintained. Cosmelan 2 serum is used once a day and will be needed for as long as you want to keep the pigmented lesion under control. It is advised to take 1 month break every 6 months. SPF50 sunscreen is essential to protect from the sun. Maintenance program of Cosmelan Professional Treatment every 6 months may be required for severe pigmented lesion conditions.

12 months: 2nd Cosmelan Professional Peel

Cosmelan treatment 12 months after

95% of the Melasma is now cleared after the 2nd Cosmelan Professional Peel. This client has been using Cosmelan 2 serum (2 units per year) and an spf50 moisturiser every day to control the stimulation of new melasma. This client also continued to live a usual Australian lifestyle with mild exposure to the sun and the melasma is completely managed.

  • Effective skin depigmentation
  • Effective preventation of pigmented lesion reoccurrence
  • Safe for all Skin Type I-VI
  • No discomfort

Mesoestetic Cosmelan packThe active ingredients in Cosmelan are:

  • Kojic acid
  • Octadecenedioic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Tyronsinol complex
  • Niacinamide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Nonapeptide 1
  • Liquorice extract
  • Aloe vera extract


The best way is to have your skin condition assessed is by a qualified clinician. At Eden Laser Clinics, we offer a consultation where we can give you personalised information for you. From this, you will know how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.

Cosmelan Pricing

* Includes 12 week homecare products and Cosmelan 2 cream

Prices per treatmentSINGLE

Cosmelan Professional Treatment – BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS



How pigment formed melsamaSkin pigmentation (melanogenesis) is a natural process where your melanocytes, a cell located in the lower epidermis basal layer, produce melanin to protect your skin against the solar radiation UVA/UVB. Melanin is produced by the oxidisation of the amino acid tyrosine. The natural process of flaking and skin renewal eliminates the melanin. Skin pigmentation disorders occur when excessive localised melanin is produced because of external (sun) or internal (hormone) influences.

When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production leading to uneven patches of lighter or darker skin.

Melasma is primarily caused by a combination of sun exposure and hormonal changes (estrogen and progesterone) that stimulate the darkening of pigmentation on the skin. It appears as dark patches mainly on the face, typically on the cheekbones, forehead, upper lip and chin.

Cosmelan Professional Treatment has active ingredients that are absorbs by the skin during a 6-10 hour period. This initiates a process of intense skin shedding and ejects the pigment from the skin over a week period. It is then followed up with a tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent pigment re-occurrence. Together with a SPF50 sunscreen this program will manage pigmented lesions.

Only 1 Cosmelan Professional Treatment is required to see results. 6 monthly treatments may be required for severe cases of melasma. The melasma condition may come back if the underlying triggers are still present therefore Cosmelan Professional treatment is a management solution.

There is no downtime or discomfort. You are required to keep the treatment on the face for 6-10 hours. You will will have some redness like a light sunburn for 24 hours. On the 3rd or 4th day intense skin shedding will occur. You may wear tinted moisturiser 48 hours after the treatment.

Current Cosmelan Professional Treatment costs can be found on the PRICING tab of this page. Each treatment includes:

  • In-salon professional peel
  • Cosmelan 2 tyrosinase inhibitor serum (retail $298) which lasts for 4-6 months for maintenance
  • Mesoestetic immediate post peel after care- Hydra Milk Cleanser, Hydratonic, Melan Recovery, Hydra-Vital Face Mask, Moisturiser with Sunscreen (retail $568).
  • Includes LED treatment after 72 hours (normally $49)