Dermafrac machine for treatment in SydneyDermafrac is all in 1 micro channelling treatment, designed to effectively treat skin concerns by infusing serums to the dermalepidermal (DE) junction.

By allowing the highly potent solutions to safely travel to this layer of the skin, it makes the treatment fast, effective, pain free and requires no downtime.

Dermafrac is safe and effective for many skin types and has been shown to improve conditions such as:

  • Scars
  • Skin dehydration
  • Superficial fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation, sun spots & uneven skin tone

The surgical grade micro needles create micro-channels to allow the serums to penetrate into the deeper layers to correct skin concerns. In conjunction with this method, a vacuum suction is used to lift the skin away from any nerve endings to create a pain free treatment.

The Dermafrac treatment is great for many skin types and concerns, and can also be tailored to the client’s needs. Typically a treatment program of 6 treatments every 4 weeks is recommended, followed by maintenance every 8 weeks. Although not all clients’ skin concerns are the same, therefore results may vary.
Dermfrac skin treatment

A selection of targeted serums are:

Rejuvenate – a cocktail of peptides that has the potential to stimulate collagen production.

Hydrate – intensive hydration using hyaluronic acid.

Clarify> – Lactic and Salicylic acid to help decongest pores and control oil secretion.

Lighten – a natural lightening agent known as kojic acid to help even out skin pigment.

Vitamin C – an antioxidant that helps to slow the rate of free radical damage.

Prices per treatmentSINGLE 
Dermafrac (Micro + Microneedling Serum Infusion + LED)$189 $94.50


The Dermafrac treatment includes:

  • Microdermabrasion – a technique used to slough away dead skin cells on the surface. This allows the skin to effectively absorb corrective serums at its potential capacity.
  • Fractional Infusion Therapy (FIT) – a micro channelling technique used to infuse high quality, potent serums for a delivery to the dermalepidermal (DE) junction. By allowing the molecules to reach the junction, the natural rejuvenation process has been stimulated.
  • LED – a high energy light therapy to reduce redness and calm the skin.

Eden Laser Clinics have designed packages to treat all client’s needs, or you can tailor it yourself!!!

For best results, Eden Laser Clinics recommends the use of Aspect Dr at home to compliment the treatment.