Cosmetic Aesthetics

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Our medical team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and well-informed.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Reduced discomfort, risk & recovery times. See fantastic results in less time.

Smoother Skin

Fight the signs of the aging process. Address wrinkles, loose skin and more.

Cosmetic Aesthetics At Eden Laser Clinics

Based on a comprehensive facial assessment, our Medical Team of Doctors and Aesthetic Nurses will review your cosmetic priorities and discuss personalised treatment options. Our experienced team will make sure you feel at ease and are well informed.

To discuss your cosmetic goals and answer all your questions, book your Cosmetic Aesthetic consultation today. 

Lines and Wrinkles often result from sun exposure, ageing, dehydration, and genetics factors. Through a consultation with an Aesthetic Nurse they will discuss with you your goals, answer your questions about lines and wrinkles and provide a comprehensive facial assessment. 

As we age, the decline in collagen levels affects not only the elasticity and suppleness of our skin but also leads to a loss of volume and thinning of our lips. During a consultation, our Aesthetic Nurses can discuss your concerns about lip shape and definition, review your cosmetic goals, and answer all your questions. 

As we get older, our skin makes less collagen, causing it to lose volume and elasticity. Treatments for facial volume are a non-surgical option to assist with this.  During a consultation with an Aesthetic Nurse, these concerns can be discussed following a comprehensive facial assessment.  

^Brand names of prescription medications, such as those used for cosmetic aesthetics, are not allowed to be advertised online due to regulatory reasons. Contact our clinics for more information.