Deep Sea Skin Peel

Why You Might Need a Deep Sea Skin Peel

3 years ago
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Are your skin concerns Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Acne Scarring or Pigmentation (including Hormonal Pigmentation)? If yes, then Eden’s Deep Sea Skin Peel was designed with you in mind!

If the idea of an acid peel isn’t your cup of tea, the Deep Sea Peel is the perfect alternative as it’s a herbal peel that uses plant extracts and sea herbs which are incredibly effective in promoting stimulation of collagen and elastin production alongside the assistance with cell turnover.

Advantages of Deep Sea Peels

The Deep Sea Peel also induces more shedding than our traditional lactic and salicylic peels as it dries out the epidermis resulting with a more intense exfoliation for your skin.

The treatment level of this peel can be individually tailored to meet your personal needs as it is worked into the skin by massage as opposed to penetrating like an acid peel would, resulting in smoother, denser and more hydrated skin.

How Long Does The Treatment Go For?

Typically, the treatment takes around 45 minutes. You may experience a slightly shorter or longer treatment depending your individual needs, the condition of your skin and your comfort levels throughout the duration of the treatment.

Who Can Have the Deep Sea Peel?

The Deep Sea Peel can be enjoyed by most skin types provided that the skin has been correctly prepared with the use of specific home-care products which will be discussed with you by Eden Laser Clinics staff prior to your treatment.

If you have sensitive or impaired skin, it is not recommended to have a Deep Sea Peel and clients who are pregnant or on acne medication such as Roaccutane are not suitable for this treatment.

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Is There Any Downtime?

Since the Deep Sea Peel is a very intense treatment, you will incur some “downtime” whilst your skin recovers with some general tightness, itchiness and irritation of the skin. The level of discomfort can vary from 3 to 10 days however our clients have said the final outcome of their skin is well worth the effort!

We do offer 2 variations of the treatment; the Standard Deep Sea Peel and the Mini Deep Sea Peel. Both treatments have had an excellent response! The primary difference is the massage applicator used across both treatments differs slightly which affects the intensity of the treatment and the outcome.

How Long Will The Results Last?

Results do vary across clients however the results will last for a minimum of 4 weeks. All pre and post care advice must be followed to ensure your safety and best results. We also offer LED treatments 24hrs after a Deep Sea Peel which assists with healing. There must also be a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments to ensure the skin is completely healed before performing the treatment again.

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