Bio Remodelling


Bio Remodelling has become highly sought-after in our clinics due to its rising popularity in Europe and the USA. This ground-breaking treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production, effectively remodelling your skin. It enhances skin quality, hydration, tone, and texture, bringing back your natural glow and radiance.

As we age, our skin experiences a decline in the production of natural collagen and elastin, resulting in a loss of firmness and structure.

Through two sessions of injection, Bio Remodelling diffuses across the skin layers within a 4-week period. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production while deeply hydrating the skin.

By doing so, it enables the cells to revitalise and restore sagging and ageing tissue. In contrast to dermal fillers, Bio Remodelling doesn’t add volume but offers profound moisturisation, renewing, restoring, and refreshing the skin texture.

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Prices per treatmentSINGLE
Bio Remodellingfrom $1698

Due to government regulations, Cosmetic Injectables cannot be pre-purchased. We ensure every client is suitable for their desired treatment during a consultation and treatment is prescribed by a medical professional. Book your consult today!
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As we age, the moisture presence within our skin naturally reduces with age and the natural elasticity and firmness of the skin therefore declines. As most people reach their 30’s they begin to see the effects of this depletion – if you are looking to counteract this decline Bio Remodelling is an excellent treatment.

Bio Remodelling is a medically scripted treatment and can be performed by an Eden Cosmetic Injector once an in-clinic consultation has been completed to ensure suitability and a provide consultation with a prescribing doctor.

To achieve maximum results, Bio Remodelling is injected just under the skin on each side of the face in five pre-determined locations.

The product is injected in small ‘deposits’, you may be able to see them initially, but they settle usually within hours. It may be possible to feel the product where it has been injected under the skin. It will settle, there is no need to massage. Use Profhilo cream twice daily post treatment.


  • Make-up for 12 hours
  • Alcohol, aspirin and vigorous exercise for 48 hours
  • sunbathing, extremes of heat or cold, dental procedures and other cosmetic treatments in the same area (including fillers, muscle relaxants, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser/ IPL) for 14 days post treatment.
  • fractional resurfacing for 4 weeks post treatment

This treatment requires no down time. 24 hours before treatment it is advisable to avoid aspirin, alcohol, and anti-inflammatory medication.  Side effects are uncommon but can include redness, small bumps, bruising and mild tenderness post treatment.
During the first 12 hours post treatment we recommend avoiding make up, 2 days post avoid alcohol and vigorous exercise. For 14 days after treatment extreme temperatures (hot or cold) should be avoided.

Bio Remodelling does not add volume to the face and is not a dermal filler. Its role is to hydrate deeply into the skin and improve skin resilience and flexibility. Containing a natural product that absorbs water Bio Remodelling keeps the skin hydrated, however it will not replace lost volume as a dermal filler will.