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Laser Hair Removal with Eden Laser Clinics

For decades a hair free body has been the desire of women. Studies have also shown that women find hairless men’s bodies more attractive. Less hair also reduces moisture build up. Now the goal to a hair free body is now a much easier journey. Razors, waxing, plucking and chemicals would damage and irritate the skin causing ingrown and sin conditions. Also, the expense of these temporary methods adds up to multiples of thousands over a lifetime. Laser hair removal is the most effective solution to achieve a hair-less body.

Laser hair removal has become the preferred method of hair removal today. Lasers work by emitting different wavelengths into the skin, targeting the pigment of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding areas. At Eden Laser Clinics Sydney, we use medical grade lasers from Candela. The Candela GentleLase PRO is an Alexandrite laser, which is widely considered to be the gold standard in laser technology. It is proven both safe and effective in achieving results.

The main benefit of laser hair removal is that you achieve permanent hair reduction. Since the laser targets active hair follicles, each treatment progressively reduces the amount of active hair. You will notice permanent results, leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh without the growth of stubble and ingrown hairs.

Treatments typically range from 6-12 per area, and roughly 4-6 weeks apart. Eden Laser Clinics Sydney’s highly trained staff can put together a program tailored to your needs. Come in for a free consultation today.

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We understand that it is quite daunting to undergo a treatment that can be quite embarrassing or overly exposed, therefore our experienced and professional staff are willing to guide you through the process without making you feel uncomfortable. The wealth of experience our clinicians offer means you can trust us to determine the best course of treatment for your hair and skin type.

A FREE consultation will be completed prior to any treatment with us to answer any questions as well as explain the before and aftercare procedures and what to expect.

To find out more, simply arrange a consultation with one of our specialists. We can answer any questions you might have about the treatment, the laser technology used and the lasting hair-removal effects that are likely to be achieved. Our experts can also make sure your treatment is planned in full from the outset, with extra appointments added later if necessary.


Prices per treatmentSINGLE
Half Legs, Brazilian (ex rear) + Underarm$169 $76.5

Full Legs, Brazilian (ex rear) + Underarm$219 $87.6

Full Body (Female) Ex Face$299

Full Body (Male) Ex Face$399

Prices per treatmentSINGLE
Areola$49 $24.50

Full Arms$179 $71.6

1/2 Arms$109 $49.05

Full Back$179 $71.6

1/2 Back$124 $55.8

Full Back + Shoulders$199 $99.50

Chest$114 $57

Chest + Stomach$169 $67.6

Hands + Fingers$49 $24.50

Neck (Front OR Back)$49 $24.50

Shoulders$79 $39.50

Snail Trail$49 $24.50

Stomach$74 $37


Prices per treatmentSINGLE
Chin$24 $12
Chin + Lip$29 $14.50
Ears$24 $12
Eyebrow$34 $17
Full Face$64 $32

Sides of Face$44 $22
Beard Sculpting$49 $24.50
Lip$24 $12
Nose$19 $9.50
Face + Neck$69 $34.50

Prices per treatmentSINGLE
Rear$49 $24.50

Bikini$49 $24.50

Brazilian Ex Rear$54 $21.6

Brazilian Ex Rear + Underarms$64 $32

Brazilian + Rear$59 $29.50

Brazilian + Rear + Underarms$73 $36.50

Buttocks$99 $49.50

Feet + Toes$49 $24.50

Full Legs$194 $77.6

1/2 Legs$154 $69.3

Knees$49 $24.50


Different procedures can have different results, but when you come to us for laser removal at Eden Laser Clinics, each session works towards permanent hair reduction. The Candela GentleLase Pro acts directly on the hair follicles, rather than on the individual hairs. This means that, in future, hair growth from the targeted follicles is diminished – unlike some therapies that lighten or soften the hair, without affecting new growth.

The amount of time that it takes for laser hair removal depends on the area that is being treat.

Female Face – 10 min
Eyebrows – 5 mins
Nose – 5 mins
Sides – 5mins
Male Face Sculpting – 10mins
Ears – 5mins
Upper Lip – 5mins
Chin – 5mins
Lip/Chin – 5mins
Lower Legs,Brazilian,Underarms – 30mins
Full Legs, Brazilian, Underarms – 45mins
Full Back, Neck, Shoulders – 30mins
Male Full Body – 1hr 30mins
Female Full Body – 1hr 15mins
Back of Neck – 10mins
Front of Neck – 10mins
Front and Back of Neck – 10mins
Shoulders – 10mins
Full Back – 20mins
1/4 Back – 10mins
1/2 Back – 15mins
Full Back/Shoulders – 30mins
3/4 Arms – 20mins
Full Arms – 30mins
Upper Arms – 15mins
Lower Arms – 15mins
Underarms – 5mins
Hands and Fingers – 5mins
Chest – 15mins
Stomach – 15mins
Chest/Stomach – 20mins
Snail Trail – 5mins
Areola – 5mins
Bikini – 5mins
Female Brazilian – 10mins
Female Brazilian/Anus – 10mins
Female Brazilian/Underarms – 10mins
Female Brazilian/Underarm/Anus – 10mins
Male Brazilian – 15mins
Anus – 5mins
Buttocks – 15mins
Full Legs – 30mins
Lower Leg – 15mins
Upper Legs – 15mins
1/4 Legs – 10mins
Feet and Toes – 5mins


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