Price Match Guarantee


At certain participating clinics we will offer to match a competitor’s price for the same Treatments using the same equipment and products, subject to the following conditions (‘Price Match’).

  • The Price Match Policy applies to “like for like” laser hair removal treatments purchased in a participating Eden Laser Clinics.
  • The competitor you wish to Price Match must be located within a 10km radius of the participating clinic from which you wish to purchase the Product or Treatment.
  • You may only purchase the same volume of Treatments as is being advertised by the competitor you would like to Price Match (e.g. you cannot purchase 10 Treatments at the price of a competitor’s introductory single treatment price).
  • You are not permitted to go back and forward between us and a competitor. That is, we will not Price Match a competitor’s Price Match.
  • In every instance the competitor’s price must be cross checked and confirmed as a true advertised price on the competitor’s website or via phone directly with the competitor.
  • You must disclose your request for a Price Match prior to receiving the treatment you wish to Price Match.
  • The Price Match Policy does not apply to payments received or treatment already undertaken.
  • The Price Match Policy does not apply to offers made by competitors in relation to group buying or offers made through discount or coupon websites.

Eden Laser Clinics reserves the right to refuse Price Matching of competitors heavily discounted items.