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80-90% of women will suffer from Cellulite after puberty, regardless of whether or not they are overweight. There are many so called “cellulite treatments” available on the market, but none of these are as effective and FDA/TGA approved to treat cellulite like the EMTONE device at Eden Laser Clinics.

In the female body, the top layer of the subcutaneous tissue consists of freestanding fat cell chambers, which are separated by vertical walls of connective tissue called septae. The apex of these upright fat chambers is in the form of a dome. These larger chambers generate smaller compartments of fat cells that cluster tightly under the skin.

This combination of freestanding fat cell chambers and compartmentalised clusters of fat cells are the elements that create the change in appearance in the skin’s surface known as cellulite.

Cellulite gradesCellulite is classified in three grades as shown by the diagram above. Initially (Grade 1), it may only be seen when muscles are contracted or the skin is pinched. By Grade 3, cellulte is noticeable whether the subject is standing or lying down.

Prices per treatmentx4 PACK

Back of thighs$1,599

Front of thighs$1,599


  • Cellulite skin layersEnlarged fat chambers in hypodermis applies pressure outwards between interlobular spaces
  • Collagen fibers remain rigid pulling inwards against outward pressure (dimple)
  • Loss of skin elasticitydecreases resistance to internal outward pressure
  • Poor blood flow
  • Metabolic waste accumulation in the interstitial spaces